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Discover the creative work of Los Angeles artist Claire Menegatti. She has a BFA in Illustration from CSULB; has been freelancing as a graphic designer & illustrator since 2012; has been taking on commissions as a fine artist since 2016; has been exhibiting her work in Southern California since 2005; & was accepted into the The Los Angeles Art Association in 2017 as one of Los Angeles' up & coming emerging artist.

Studio Gatti has a wealth of knowledge in the creative filed, wearing many hats: from traditional methodologies to graphic design. She has 17 years experience working in Adobe Photoshop; creating logos, layout designs, photo retouching, ads, social media campaigns, poster designs, t-shirt designs, web design, & print material for clients in the Los Angeles region.

She also has an extensive knowledge of the fine arts, particularly in traditional media & the figure as her favorite subject. She is known for her exceptional mastery of watercolors, inks, & oils; painting on paper, canvas; or experimenting with new surfaces like cardboard. She uses both classical & contemporary techniques as seen in her portfolio. 

Her fine art portfolio has a feminine, delicate, & organic aesthetic & leans towards the whimsical, charismatic, or melancholy moods. The figure, & the idea of Life, is exhibited in all of her work. She enjoys representing the curious, beautiful, and sometimes bizarre nature found in the anatomy and textures of wildlife. Her wildlife images show her child-like exuberance for life and it is enthralling! While her deeper emotions are most palpable in her figurative images.

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